The single largest drain on profits in an industrial organization is the cost of downtime. Machines unavailable to produce the goods they are purchased, installed, and staffed to produce, drain profits. Machines that fail while in service cost, on an average, ten times more to repair than if the repair was anticipated and properly scheduled.

Would you like to have the advantage?
You could have the ability to diagnose severe problems before they occur. You can have the confidence of knowing that machinery repairs are performed without new faults being introduced.
Vibra-Analysis, Inc. is an integral part of our clients predictive maintenance programs. We deliver a decrease in downtime, a decrease in operating costs, improve safety, and increase productivity.
We are the Key for increased profits.

  Vibration Analysis, Consulting, and Reporting
  Infrared Inspection and Reporting

  Field and Shop Balancing
  Laser Shaft Alignment (vertical or horizontal)
  Oil Analysis
  Structural Analysis
  Seismic Testing and Monitoring
  Database preparation
  Predictive Maintenance Programs
  On-site consulting
  Interactive phone consulting